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If you do not know what Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is, you have come to the right place to get some help. SEO is the process of making your website more appealing for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for example. There is a lot you can learn about SEO and everyone has their own technique and strategies. Our free SEO tool is there to help you get started and to make sure that you can recognize what makes a great web page.

Our SEO audit tool can be used by anyone who wants to make sure their website is optimized or for veterans who just want to double-check if they made the right SEO assessment. Let us help you make sure that you have nothing but a high-quality website!

What Is An SEO Audit Tool?

You are working hard to make sure that your website looks great. Our SEO audit tool is there to make sure that your website is as nice on the front end and the back end. This on-page SEO audit allows you to find ways to improve each page of your website.

Cansoft’s team of SEO experts have built this free SEO tool because everyone deserves a chance to be seen online, even if they are new at digital optimization.

What Does The SEO Audit Tool Do?

The on-page SEO audit tool analyses the header structure, the quantity and quality of the content keeping in mind the point of view of a search engine. Cansoft will give you a score for everything that is analyzed on your page to make sure that you know where to put your efforts. Let’s make sure that your website is search engine ready with the SEO audit tool!


Why should you use an SEO audit tool?

It is a key asset for every business to have a great looking website, but what is the point if no one sees it? Functionality of your website is a part of any good marketing strategy and our SEO audit tool is there to make sure that every page has a consistent quality on and off page. It is important to understand that an efficient website is going to bring you a better return on your investment than a beautiful one. But why not have both?

By using the Cansoft SEO audit tool, you can create a website that will proudly represent your brand with peak efficiency and great design. A good SEO strategy will make sure that you can attract new customers, create more opportunities to convert those clients while appearing higher on search engine rankings. This is not a one time thing, you need to be consistent and that is why the SEO audit tool is so useful. Do not hesitate to use our On-Page SEO Audit for any blogs or articles you need to put on your website.


Free SEO Audit Tool For Everyday Use

You are writing content for a personal blog? You are writing content for your own company’s website? Our free SEO audit tool is perfect for you! There is no limit on the amount of times you can review your webpage to get a clear SEO Assessment.

There are multiple factors that come into play when doing your On-Page SEO Audit like the headers structure, the keyword consistency, keyword concentration, title, meta as well as many others. It might be hard to keep all of those on your mind while you are writing your content but don’t worry, our free SEO audit tool is there to help you.

Keep Your Website Updated and Optimized

One of the main things that google evaluates is if your content is frequently updated and if it is optimized. Our free SEO audit tool will help you identify what aspect of your page could be optimized when you write new content.

You should think about adding content or redesign a page at least once a month to guarantee the best results for your ranking. This might seem like a lot but our free SEO tool is there to make this task less complicated. If you have any questions about SEO or if you need help with the SEO audit tool, you can contact Cansoft to receive support.

What could be better on your website?

Putting your web page in the SEO audit tool is a great way to verify that there are no broken elements that affect your ranking negatively. Every aspect of the page is analysed and separated in convenient categories that are evaluated on 100 points. Each mistake is linked to a point value and those mistakes will cost you points. The On-Page SEO Audit and Off-page SEO Audit are simply presented with color codes, a point system and clear explanations of what is missing. Don’t let your website be at the bottom of the rankings anymore, start using our free audit tool!


Keyword Optimization For SEO Purpose

We ask that you identify your main keyword before using the SEO audit tool and the reason is simple. A lot of other tools are going to assume that they understand what is the main keyword that you want to use. What if they get it wrong? What if you add mistakes your content thinking that you had good advice from these other tools?

Our business is SEO, we do not know your industry more than you do but we will let you tell us what you are trying to optimize so we can help you better. Your keyword is of the utmost importance, make sure you have the right one!

Use the SEO Audit Tool

There is no time like the present to start using our free SEO audit tool! What have you got to lose? Our team of SEO experts are there to help if you have any questions about our free tool. Increase your chances of being ranked on the first page, start using our SEO audit and you will see the difference not only on Google, but also in the number of leads and calls you will be receiving. Let Cansoft help you optimize your website to bring your business to the next level!